Laptop Help

With help from both the local Wakefield government (Wakefield Council) and also the charity Age UK we are able to provide laptop computers for visitors who have been housed in local hotels and hostels.

On these laptops and any other devices we provide, access to material unsuitable for children is not allowed.

l’accès au matériel inadapté aux enfants n’est pas autorisé

الوصول إلى المواد غير المناسبة للأطفال غير مسموح به

Lama ogola in la helo waxyaabaha aan ku habboonayn carruurta

دسترسی به مواد نامناسب برای کودکان مجاز نیست

çocuklar için uygun olmayan materyallere erişime izin verilmez

بچوں کے لیے غیر موزوں مواد تک رسائی کی اجازت نہیں ہے۔

gihandina materyalên ku ji bo zarokan ne guncaw in destûr nayê dayîn

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