Health and Doctors in the UK

This video explains how to get help with your health in the UK. You can choose to see subtitles written in a language you understand.

1.) Select the gear symbol to select subtitles in your language.

2.) Click the square symbol to show the video filling the screen.

Are you anxious stressed or sad?

See our page about “Mental Health“. There are many people who are ready to listen to you and help deal with anxiety, stress and feeling sad.

Medical Emergencies

If you, or your family are having a medical emergency, which is life threatening, you should telephone 999. If it is not life threatening, the number to telephone is 111.

For smaller health problems, there is a “Walk-In” centre in Kings Street, Wakefield – Details here.

There is currently great demand on the NHS, note that it is not always possible to get a “same day” appointment with your Doctor, (if you have been registered). Most health centres need to receive requests for same-day appointments before 8:00am

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