O2 Top up

If you have a SIM from O2 this is how you can use top-up vouchers.

To top up your phone you will need a voucher.   When you receive a message with the voucher, write down the 16 digit voucher number:  Example: 5189 7462 7450 4157  

Make a telephone call:

Use the phone to call the number 4444 

  • At the voice, wait until it says: 
  • Press 1 to top up” 
  • Press 1 
  • wait till the message says: 
  • Press 2 to top up with a voucher” 
  • Press 2 

Type in the 16 digit voucher number

You will hear a message saying the voucher has been added. 

End the call

You will receive a message very soon saying your top up has loaded. 

Each month you will receive a message with a new voucher and you must repeat this process 

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