Self Defence Training

About the course

Funded by Mayor of West Yorkshire fund. Our self-defence course consists of the following content and will add real value to anyones personal wellbeing toolbox. The content has been carefully selected to ensure you receive the maximum output from attending this full day course.

  • How to effectively report an incident
  • The Law – use of reasonable force
  • Behavior Management
  • Brain Theory– Flight, Fight Freeze
  • Verbal abuse
  • Verbal defence techniques
  • Physical abuse
  • Physical defence techniques
  • The dangers of self-defence keychains
  • Legal tools for self protection
  • Mental Health and well-being

If you join this course, you will benefit in many ways, that we hope will outlast the attendance on our training courses. We see our courses as the initial step towards building confidence, motivation, strength, morale and physical courage. Post any formal training our delegates will be welcomed into our Blossom community where they will be connected, included and supported on their continual journey. Our community provides an empathetic understanding where we can express ourselves and share our experiences with no fear of judgement.

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